LegalCloud® by OneLegem
An efficient and easy-to-use technology platform to support legal departments and law firms

We accompany large companies in the management and organization of their legal areas

LegalCloud® is a platform developed for legal departments and law firms, offering management and performance-oriented functionalities.

LegalCloud allows a transparent and organized management of all legal matters. Its multiple and easy-to-read functionalities are vastly superior to outdated rigid legal information systems.

LegalCloud allows both commercial and technical areas within any given company to either obtain legal information or require new legal documents without delays and just by clicking on one button.

LegalCloud is the adequate partner for legal departments, allowing these to focus on work and not on gathering information, and therefore providing an efficient use of its time.

High-level functionalities

Document repository

Store your information and legal documents in an easy-to-access and read repository, fully integrated with a variety of functionalities.

Document production

Produce documents online wherever you are.


Generate reports to plan your work ahead, or produce information requested without any delays.

Metrics & analytics

Generate metrics related to legal spend, productivity, per matter and generate a more efficient legal department.


Generate alerts related to contracts, litigation and with regard to any rights and obligations throughout the legal process.

Work online

Bring your legal documents to the light. Work online and upload large amounts of documents with easy steps.

Robust technology

Our robust technology platform provides safe, cutting-edge technology and is easy-to-use.

Continuous improvement

Our LegalCloud ® platform is on continuous improvement to provide quality service to our users.


Obtain precision and practical information.


Benefit your company and its subsidiaries with our multilingual platform.

Efficiently produce, manage and report your contracts, litigation, companies, permits and any and all legal and compliance documents


Request your legal department drafting and review contracts and any and all kind of legal matters.


Generate contracts, litigation, company-related, POAs, and all kind of legal documents.


Assign both internally and externally litigation, contracts, and any and all type of legal work.


Manage all your legal matters from our dashboard with precise and detailed information.


Generate internal approval of your legal documents, so you can make your work more efficiently and reduce time and paper.


Access LegalCloud from anywhere, with a simple user and password.


Stop acting reactively. Plan ahead your legal work using the most conveniente criterion for efficiency and effectiveness.


Report at any time your contracts and litigation without any delay or waiting period.


Edit online and keep tracking of your legal documents.

Time and hour billing

Request from your outside legal providers the uploading of your time-billing, invoices and any expense-related documents.

Benefits of using LegalCloud

In-house Lawyer

Stop asking about the status of documents to your outside firm.

Handle all matters with an easy-to-use platform.

Have easy and quick access to the documents without requesting these.

Get an easy glimpse of the information to help decide every day what is urgent, what is important and what the priorities are.

Generate metrics to help you learn on the legal spend of your department.

Stop reacting to urgent calls and plan ahead based on priorities.

Save time and money by focusing on work and less on gathering the information.

Outside Counsel

Stop using email to send invoices, work, documents and the like. Use a one-in-all platform to bill, produce and upload documents.

Receive work from your clients through an easy-to-use platform.

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